Frequently Asked Questions

live answering service faqs

What do you need to know?

According to several management studies, the single most important characteristic of a successful business is accessibility.


Are your current and potential clients able to reach you when they need you?
By acquiring The Telephone Secretary your phones will always be answered by a friendly and professional operator in your company name.


Are your current and potential clients receiving a busy tone, answering machine, or no answer when they call you?
The Telephone Secretary can answer your phones as quickly as one ring.


Can you meet all of your deadlines, make your appointments, as well as answer your own phones? 
We can answer your phones while you are in the office and connect back to you the calls that your are expecting.


Who is “managing the shop” during lunchtime, when your are in a meeting and after business hours?  
We can manage the shop for you. We will connect sales calls and urgent calls through to you according to your instructions. All routine calls we can relay to you when you are ready.

The Telephone Secretary can offer you relief.


It is easy to get started. You may not know which plan is best for you, but if you call our office we can discuss your options and which plan is right for you.